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    Did you guess correctly?

    The country is Malta, an island nation that consists of three islands: the main island Malta, Gozo and Comino. They are located south of the Italian Island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. The Eyes of Osiris are the trademark of the colourful Luzzu fishing boat which is the iconic symbol of Malta.

    Although the Dghajsa is an original Maltese icon, most people recognize the more colourful and larger Luzzu as symbolic of Malta. These fishing boat are painted in the traditional colours of red, blue, green, yellow, brown and have one distinguishing feature, they have the eyes of Osiris (the Egyptian god of the afterlife) painted or carved on the bow. Local fishermen are religious and superstitious at the same time, the eyes of Osiris are there to protect and guide them home in times of bad weather and to help them find the fish.

    The Luzzu boats are clustered in and around a small fishing village named Marsaxlokk (pronounced Mar-sax-lock) located on the southeastern coast of Malta. Get there early enough to witness fishing nets spread out, fishermen mending nets, the local catch of the day being brought in, gift market vendors and charming restaurants. The charming and colourful harbour alone is worth the visit.