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Travel Tips in Iceland

Travel Tips in Iceland

• Some taxi operators turn the meter on from the time that you call and not when they arrive to pick you up. They may shut the meter off only after everyone has exited the cab even though you are in the process of paying. Check the meter!

• Always use an experienced guide when exploring any glacier and do not go out on your own. They will know the danger zones and the weather patterns so you will have a very pleasant experience.

• Car rental agencies will not insure a rental car for the gravel or off road sections of Iceland (and usually do not tell you this). If you get stuck, be prepared to pay hefty fees. Read your car rental agreement and ask these questions.

• Tipping in Iceland is not expected. All invoices, taxi fares, restaurant receipts already include a service charge. If you wish to leave a tip, just round-up the amount on the bill.

• Visitors to Iceland can get the majority of the tax paid on purchases (called a VAT-Value Added Tax-approximately 15%). The refund can be collected at the airport upon your departure. Make sure you keep all of your receipts.

• For more information, check out these websites: