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Tips When in Belize

Tips When in Belize

1) Never go caving on your own. No matter how experienced you are, go with a local experienced guide.

2) Shorts, a T-shirt and a strong pair of walking or hiking shoes are a must if you go cave tubing or zip lining. Better yet, bring a second pair with you especially after cave tubing.

3) Stick to marked trails outlined to you by your resort or guide. Never venture out on your own, explore with a buddy.

4) The roads in Belize are very rough with few street or directional signs or fueling stations. Use local tour companies to get you around the country instead of renting a car.

5) Use common sense in the jungle/rain forest. Do not stick your hand in any bush, shrub or log without checking, you may get an animal bite you didn’t count on .

6) When feeding Tapirs, don’t keep food in your pockets! Really, don’t feed any of the animals, you’ll be asking for trouble.

7) For more information visit the Belize Tourism Board’s web site at www.travelbelize.org.