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Have a Favorite Destination.

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Frank travels to unique destinations, explores amazing attractions and activities that range from shark and crocodile feedings to discovering ancient ruins, he snowmobiles on glaciers that have been thousands of years in the making, steps into haunted places, cooks local gastronomic treats and looks at the world as your playground. He encourages travelers to “Know Before You Go!” as he learns the tips and tricks to navigating the cultural destination. In each season he meets animated, interesting and intriguing guests who coax him to experience extraordinary adventures.

Gourmet Escapes is a destination cooking show. The first two seasons feature Massimo Capra still students of great food who connect with chefs that have prepared meals for royalty, at elite Michelin star restaurants or whose who simply love to cook. It’s all about exploring food at its basic level, where it is harvested and creating amazing dishes with it.

The series follows their day-to-day activities, the customer requests, the misunderstandings, some of the language barriers, their interactions and their ingenuity when they are running behind schedule. Giovanni, never says no and agrees to tight timelines all the while Leonardo is hesitant and skeptical to take on the unusual. The two form a funny dynamic duo.